walk to remember 2.0

Oct 23, 2016

We are so ready for our family day. A walk to remember 2016

If u know anything about our story u know I always dreamed of walking Joislen. I waited so long for it. I always wanted to walk her in a stroller. I never got to with her physical self. Plenty of carrying her but never the stroller. Today was as close as it gets.
Never dreamed when we we pregnant together this is how our first stroll with our girls would be. But here it is.
I love you forever Joislen

When your kid is in heaven it's not everyday you see their name written. This is so special for us.

Empty cradles a walk to remember 2016 was perfect. It was so great honoring our babies. So many of my sisters have their rainbows or will soon enough. Only seeing these women in the depths of grief a year ago and now shining with hope is so trippy. We never forget. We never move on. Nay. They move forward, with us. I adored today. Love all y'all.

We are 1 in 4 together although our specific situations separately can be as rare as 1 in 1600. When u feel like no one in the world could understand. You meet a dozen mothers who do. 💜

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