Aug 19, 2215

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don't mind the futuristic date of this post, it's the only way to make sure the welcome is the first thing you see
You may ask yourself what a Boog is. It is a 1/2 book, 1/2 blog, with a little bit of boogie and boogers. Sometimes there's joy, and sometimes, let's be honest, there's guck. I wanted to welcome you to Our Journey with Joisey. If you are a bereaved parent, I want you to know how deeply sorry I am for the loss that you have experienced. Whether a nonviable pregnancy, a miscarriage, stillbirth, chromosomal anomaly, or infant loss, I want you to know that you are not alone on the road to learning to live again, in the face of great tragedy. If you want to know why I care, you can read about me under the "momma pantera" tab. I too, am 1 in 4. (more like 1/1000 for full-term stillbirth)

I advise that during this season, you be as gentle with yourself as possible. I remember having very realistic expectations of myself in the beginning. Absolutely nothing. And that is okay. I encourage you to solicit the help of your loved ones so you can have whatever you need to venture through these trying times. If you don't have a great support system, there are plenty private groups where you can find a ton of support. my favorite stillbirth sypport group is

This Boog is a personal journey, but I have been told by many bereaved parents that they have found encouragement, purpose, and even peace with their own loss, through journeying together. Sometimes it's specific to my daughter, but for the most part, I am just a willing vessel the Lord uses, to speak to many families who have to lose a child, and the tone is truly just heavenly encouragement. Though our culture, beliefs, family dynamics or socioeconomic status may differ, we share this in common; furious love for our children...grief can suck. and we ought not to go through it alone.

HOW TO READ THIS BOOG if you are newly bereaved, i suggest you read 'the vision' tab all the way on the left. skip 'the pregnancy' tab. and start reading 'when forever began' from oldest to newest.CLICK HERE TO BE REROUTED DIRECTLY THERE start from the bottom up. and click "newer post" when you are done with that page. the first post is the 20 page labor experience. you can skip that if you'd like. but do not read from newest to oldest because it won't make much sense. read the poetry tab at your leisure. it's just some great encouraging reminders for us. when you are ready to read about the pregnancy. there's just a lot of beauty and hope in there. in spite of the way the story "ended". it doesn't negate the life Joislen lived. and we celebrate that. we encourage you to celebrate your child's life as well. and honor their eternal spirit. the pregnancy tab from oldest to newest is HERE and same kind of deal, click newer post when you are done with that page and read from the bottom up.

for those of you reading for the sake of reading, read from the tab all the way to the left. and just read straight across. from oldest to newest. so if you are new to this blog, don't just scroll down. Click on the tab you want to start in, and read from oldest to newest, using the links above.
We love you guys so much. You are in our prayers. please feel free to email us

In Christ,

The Taylor's

what an artist

Jan 23, 2017

Our Tiffany York has done it again! This is the second family she has recreated a picture for, hand drawn pencil art. She spends hours on end, days, sometimes even weeks on these pictures. To give a grieving family a piece of their child awake, without the painful reminders that are on the actual photos. She works out the skin breakdown and introduces some life to the baby (aydens eye is opened) while staying true to the integrity of the original picture. We're so blessed to be close to this amazing artist whose heart Joislen touched and in turn she designs something special for a near angel family. Shelby, we love you and Ayden. Tiff thanks again. Your an angel to the angels 


We remember you

Jan 22, 2017

Dwayne is the best daddy in the world. Wears his Joislen bracelets everyday. And d3s on his other wrist. I'm blessed.

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