Oct 26, 2016

I had a horrible nightmare about earth Joislen's kidnapper, a nightmare that made me so thankful my daughter was stillborn. A wretched and disgusting cold world it can be, compliments of some heinous people. My hope will never be in you. Not now. Not ever. And if I was spared from what I dreamt. I am so thankful for my portion. When your hope isn't in this world, alive isnt always best. I'm happy Joislen will never know tormenting fear. Heartless cruelty. Malicious pain. Numbing abandonment. Nor experience chilling abduction. 💔 oh my God. My heart for trafficked children has just and for exploded. I get it. I feel those parents pain. I want to serve. Somehow someway. The things our babies endure at the mercy of very sick minded and demon led people, what a broken community that needs light and hope. The tears can't stop flowing.

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