Oct 23, 2016

When I asked if he was her only I knew her flushed stammering response all to well. I could see her determination to include her angel in her family but also her pain; that answering this question this way has brought some awkwardness and invalidation in the past. That she misses her son furiously and can't believe her reality. I knew that response well, and wasn't surprised at all when she finally muttered "and we have one up there" points up. My face lit up. Not because I was happy for her loss. But because she would not be met with awkwardness or invalidation this time. That I would say austins name and ask to see his face. That I would listen to his big brother talk all about him. That I would know the hope that her first rainbow brought to her heart. I was happy, because I knew we were similar. I asked how old her angel was but I could tell from the way she responded to the first question that she never met her child alive outside the womb. I know the chilling flashbacks we experience. I could feel it across the world. She was right next to me and I knew, I knew her baby died in her womb too, very close to the finish line.

All the things that had to line up for us to meet this day. From buying this house in Ramona to Dwayne meeting Adam at Sullivan 3 years ago....and everything in between. We wound up at the pumpkin patching sitting on straw bales next to each other. Thank God i wanted nachos and we all lazily lingered around in the shade until we finally struck up convo

Austin and Joislen. Good job connected us guys. It was a very special meeting for us both. I wonder what hospital room you labored in 😏

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