Jul 28, 2016

Wow! This objective article is worth the read!!!! You can't "catch" someone else's hard times as if it were an airborne disease. But you can help. My life is governed around dishing ought empathetic action love in heaps. I believe selflessness and service to others even in personal crisis can help mend our broken heart and ease our troubled mind. I can forever be in need of someone else's assistance. Or I can offer my gifts to another. I chose to serve. I like this article because I feel like both the friend in need. And the friend indeed.
"Very interesting look on empathy, lack there of and the challenges that come with choosing to care." Carolina Nakouzi
The human condition is that traumatic events occur,” The reality is that we are equipped to deal with them. The challenge that lies before us is quite often more important than the disappointment that surrounds us.”-psychologist in the article a great read

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