King Josiah

Jul 30, 2016

Was talking to Alex, Josiah's mom. Josiah met some awesome people last night. Reunited with Jesus. Met King Josiah and David. And my girl Joislen Grace. When Joisey died they put a fallen leaf on a purple card on my door. A month later I met Natalie and Eleanor whose sign and color was a leaf and purple. Last night they put a yellow butterfly on Josiah's door to let the nurses know the baby is now free like a butterfly. That's joiseys sign. When she told me this I just started to cry. So touching. Grief and love and hope and heaven hugs my heart just gets overwhelmed sometimes. Our sons were both due on October 7. Josiah is a special baby to me because he has a connection to both of my children. I know his parents will miss him tremendously. I'm just thankful to be a part of his journey.

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