Jul 27, 2016

Ok ok I know I'm saving them for the 16th but this one was TOO precious not to share. I love that the little ones are getting in on it too, her womb buddies and beyond. Miss McKinley was born at the same hospital in the birthing center where I was supposed to give birth had Joislen lived. She weighed exactly 6lbs 11oz like Joislen and also was the exact same height of 19.5 inches. Me n her mommy coached middle school volleyball together through 2 seasons and a lot of individual growth for each of us! Now we are married and mommy's  We dreamt of the day Joislen and her older daughter would play. For now, their time together is in spirit. I just couldn't not share this adorable baby friend of joislens omg 😍 love you Sara June

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