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Mar 15, 2016

Seven months ago I was in an out of body labor experience that felt a little like heaven, hell, the twilight zone, a dream, a sick joke, and a nightmare, all in one. A girlfriend of mine, sweet family friend since school age, Lisa mailed us this gorgeous reminder that I got today, that we got that mother daughter elephant kinda love, and Joislen fits perfectly in me. I love this because from the back of this charm u can't see baby ellie, but from the front it's the most beautiful thing, and a big part of momma ellie. I equate that to natural eyes, and spiritual eyes. Some people can't see her. While I've never not been able to. Or only been able to, rather 😏
Many learn their purpose. Discover their purpose. Chase their purpose. Create their purpose. Muse over their purpose. Go to college for their purpose. Pursue their purpose. Question their purpose. Detest or resent their purpose. Fear or reject their purpose. Call me cursed. Call me blessed. But I count it all Joi; I gave birth to mine. I love you Joislen and thanks for this Lisa 💛

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