lucky or blessed? chance or destiny?

Mar 23, 2016

Her song. Her birth time. I feel her lil kisses right under my right eye on my cheek bone. I love my daughter so much. I was filling up gas when I noticed this today. A church on my left. A casino on my right. Sure. U can write this stuff off to chance. But why waste the hug from heaven? I chose to believe my girl just wanted to remind me how close she was. I chose to believe God wanted me to know that he remembers us. And I'm thankful. I'm not a lucky woman who often wins at games of chance. I'm a bless woman who has won something infinitely greater than anything else.
Steps are ordered.
All things work together for our good.
And the fiery furnace? Meant to consume? Not even an arm hair was singed. U ever read that story with the three Hebrew boys? You go through things that are supposed to kill you and yet you come out refined. Ain't that somethin? That's a love, that's a God, that I will always praise.

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