Zoom Out

Oct 23, 2015

Just because I don't always believe it, doesn't make it a lie
Just because I can't always see it, doesn't negate its reality
Just because I don't always feel it, doesn't mean it's not there
Our children are literally a dimension away
And if I quiet myself long enough,
Quiet the fears, doubt, anger, no--rage
Quiet the regret, the wishes, and the whys
the what if's and how comes and the "it shouldn't have's",
quiet them just for a few.
And if I'm able,
Turn up the appreciation for what was,
what can be,
and all that remains
Turn up the hope, faith, beauty
and love,
turn those aaaaaall the way up.
therein can i properly perceive Joislen
Therein will we be able to experience our children.
When we become like them.
And Eternal.
Our children are in such a delightful place.
It will take some grace to reach them.
While all our emotions and feelings are valid;
our disappointment, crushing at times.
We fight to create purpose.
We wrestle to find life.
Life in the face of death.
Beauty in the pile of ashes.
Hope in the silence of birth.
Peace in our pudding of a brain.
Contentment in consuming emptiness
And love when our hearts just have none to give.
I find that this is only possible when we look outside of ourselves.
It can be as simple as sending someone else some encouragement.
One of the biggest shocks to me when I peeked out of my shell,
is when I discovered a world that was still spinning.
People all around it are also going through devastating things.
and I realized, I'm not alone on this road, of
'what. just. happened. to me.'
So, when I consider someone else's rough day--
Pray for someone else's pain?
It brings healing to my own.
Just a dimension away are our children.
They see our hurt, effort, and strength.
They see the loving family they belong to, amongst many other families,
that all make up the human race.
Our children have this broad scope,
this amazing bird's eye view.
And things get a bit more bearable
when we force ourselves to zoom out, too.
The video for this entry shows us what happens when our focus is limited. we can feel like we're drowning. it can be cold and look mucky. but when we look up, and around, we gain some perspective that can help our current state. this is written with the bereaved in mind. but it can apply to a plethora of life's situations. what does it say to you?

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