Day 23- love letter-today..

Oct 23, 2015

 -Dear Joislen's physical self,

I miss your perfect skin. I long to see you growing and functioning as I had imagined. Earlier on in this life after loss journey, I remember thinking, 'man. I'll never get to call some teacher who mistreated my daughter and say (in an authoritative voice) "hi yes, this is Joislen's mom.." and venture to tell her a few things on my mind about respect'. Can you believe that baby? When I think of the world of possibilities, I grieve the fact that I won't be able to claim you and come to your rescue. I guess in a way I'm left to fight the biggest of all battles for you, huh? Life itself. I grieve the loss of your human flaws. As your mom, I love all of you. Not just the good stuff. If I can be so honest. I am learning to rejoice in the fact that you will never date. I know. I know. Marriage and grandchildren and blah blah. But we have all of your siblings for that. You are my forever baby, JL. And my forever baby you'll be.

And beyond,

Mommy Girl (shes my Joisey Girl I'm her Mommy Girl)

Today's picture is of Joislen's hair. Yesterday I was scrolling through my newsfeed and saw a friends post about black hair. She said "our hair defies gravity" and I really like that truth a lot. Joislen's physical self got to testify to that, too. Go 'head on, sistah. #joislengrace #captureyourgrief #joislen #whathealsyou

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