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Nov 15, 2016

See. I had an idea when I was pregnant with this guy to exchange a few items with a fellow pregnant angel mom who lost a boy and had a girl since I lost a girl and had a boy, maybe we could see something we imagined our baby wearing on a living baby--a lil clothes swap if u will. It's not just clothes. Going through these boxes always being feelings. the sentiment was also huge cuz the recipient is not just any living kid. They are one whose big sibling is playing with your baby in heaven. So a few told me it was cool but no one was as serious about it as I was. When d3 was 6 weeks Tamara messaged me saying she loved my idea just never got around to it yet, and she wanted to share some of ninos items with d3. Yesterday I sent yuna some things from joisey. Today her package arrived. Gosh the clothes are so cute and what special sentiment. She even got Joislen bear some house slippers to match d3 lol. I'm not going to show the clothes I'll just share as he wears them. Anyway d3 n I took our first shower together alone today that was so special and I accomplished . I came to the sunroom to sit and write this thank you/story. I turned on pandora for the first time today which is on shuffle and Joislen's song came on. It took me a while to realize the angelic significance lol. I was just like oh Joislens song! 1/2 way through this post I was like oooooo! Hey baby! Hey Nino! Our angels are so close.
So much love Tamara to you and your Nino and rest of the fam. Your generosity put this smile on D3s face as I told him about the items n showed him 💛💛💛

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