a good mommy

Oct 16, 2016

My apostle paid me such a high compliment. Forgot what word he used but basically said like...I have an anointing for motherhood or have been ordained for it. In so many words, motherhood looks good on me and it's a calling over my life. He has wished me happy Mother's Day through both pregnancies. I know he gets it, the value of life beginning even before conception, when they were just a thought of God's. He lost his son in the most brutal and violent of ways, so although TOTALLY different circumstance, we both look forward to glory to reunite with our children. rest with Jesus Darnell. 

Apostle compassionately acknowledges that d3 isn't my first. it meant so much he had so much conviction when he tried to convey how good motherhood is for me. It was sweet. And on that note I think we're clear for 10 more kids as First Lady says, ASAP 😜💛

it's crazy cuz for so long it may feel like you are climbing an uphill battle. Been misunderstood. Wasting time not being who I was called to be. But eventually. Eventually. The ride gets smoother. And you confidently walk in what is for u, who you are, and Whose you are.

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