what a difference

Sep 21, 2016

my heart is so full. As much as I love my daughter. And trust Gods plans. Leaving the hospital without your baby is one of the hardest things any parent can be expected to do. Leaving the hospital holding my son's hand is the biggest blessing I've ever had. While many moms with a new baby will complain about all the inconveniences they are afforded, I will be celebrating. Today i gripped a rag full of my sons poop with my bare hand. and I was just so thankful to have poop on my hand to have to wash off. The first picture is the last I have with my daughter's physical self. A kiss goodbye where I just apologized and wept before I left a funeral home for her to be cremated the next day. Today I left the hospital WITH my LIVING son. Phrases like "exuberant joy" don't even begin to scratch the surface. Thank you Joisey girl for teaching me one of life's greatest lessons; in all things, be thankful. We love you much. Thank you Lord for my blessed children. So much pure love flows from my maternal dedication. And finally. I get to see a tiny human feel it, with my natural eyes. I got nothing but praise

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