That's big sister to you

Sep 25, 2016

this has been a very emotional and blessed and exciting and nerve racking time for our family. We gave birth to Joislen's baby brother, D3, on 9/19/2016. we have been posting regularly on FB but i havent had a chance to update her blog as yet. I will update the month that was missed and anything new that happens here in the next few weeks. our family is growing, our bond is strong, and we are so thankful for her baby brother. the amount of yellow butterflies everyone and their mothers has told us they saw all around the delivery was truly overwhelming. i mean one friend, saw 60 in one day. SIXTY! i will never be able to explain how full my heart is, how grateful Joislen has made me, and how thankful we are for her earth irish twin :o) These two have quite the relationship. but i must get some rest. I will update everything soon. God bless!

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