Sep 2, 2016

This was the post my brother shared when I learned he donated 1 cuddle cot (hope it shares right this time) Don't mind the fetal demise terminology we didn't know any better at the time that's just what the hospital told us. Some of his amazing friends made generous donations. And one of dwaynes coworkers donated 1000$! Now the wife and I are personal friends on Facebook after about a year I finally got to connect with one of our angels. With these funds we were able to get 2 cots! There were so many bereaved moms campaigning for the same thing and I truly just donated the rest of the money to other people's causes. I didn't so much as get a cup of coffee with this money. Thankfully we were able to not have medical or funeral expenses, and our income wasn't effected. My VA benefits were still fine, and even though my husbands previous job was a piece of work, one good thing they did was give him 3 weeks off work full pay. He took 2 up front and 1 for our cruise in October. And I would've probably killed myself if I didn't have him those first 2 weeks. See if Joislen would've lived the state would've given him FLMA for 6 weeks at 1/2 pay. But when they learned she died they said ehhhhh nah. Sorry! There is a 3 day bereavement option though so u can bury her n get back to work by lunch 🙄 it wasn't even worth the paperwork. So thankfully his job was kind and the gesture they made was equivalent to what the state offered. We didn't lose. And we were able to gofundme for a cause. I also purchased other things to donate to the hospital to help families make memories with their children. It was a great time of giving back and I'm happy we were in a position to do so so shortly after her passing. From those who only had 5$ to donate, to my brother who donated thousands, everyone in between, and those who were just praying for us during this time. THANK YOU for helping me help others which is where my joy truly is. I think we did an amazing job. Most importantly the families your generosity has reached and will continue to reach is a lifelong impact. 🙌🏾

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