so much has transpired in a year

Sep 2, 2016

I remember this day. When I shared my gofundme for the cuddle cots. And my amazing brother donated the cost of one whole cuddle cot. That meant so much to me. Seriously. I just couldn't rest until I felt like Joislen left a mark on this world and at the time this was the avenue I wanted to use to do so. This was an awesome endeavor..... Full of a lot of gunk be it as it may, but such is life. To this day there are two placements in San Diego and both were donated through Joislens campaign. I wanted to be a blessing to another family and so I donated one in Joislens memory to the hospital I birthed at and the other was donated in memory of Evelyn to Palomar where my OB professor heads up the perinatal loss endeavors and was thrilled to receive the placement. This is a huge part of her legacy. It brought me in touch with a couple of my closest angel mom friends. Thankfully fueling her legacy didn't begin or end with this project but it is a significant part. Her blog, interviews, making videos, kick count awareness and advocacy, research in nursing school pertinent to perinatal loss, the yellow butterfly, the capture your grief expression for the month of October, and helping other bereaved parents are other ways her purpose is kept alive every moment. I will never be able to thank my brother enough for getting my baby on the map and in writing quite literally. Paul is the definition of what it means to be a loving godfather, through it all.

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