so many prayers.

Sep 29, 2016

Grammy Hart put up a default picture on Facebook of my mommy and her at mommy and daddy's wedding. She did this after my sister died. She made a promise in herself that she wouldn't update her picture until I arrived. She made this promise 6 months before I was even conceived. She believed for me before I even was. She had hundreds of gorgeous photos from her 60th birthday bash but she wouldn't change her picture. She was waiting on me. She never told anyone this until today, when she told my mommy during our little photoshoot. Gramma. You can update your profile picture now. I'm here! Me and Joislen adore you. Thanks for the oxtail flavored breastmilk. Thanks to you, I have gained all the weight I lost and I'm plumping up great! Miss you already thanks for singing to me, changing me, and dressing me! You also went through my whole wardrobe and organized everything! Just thank u gramma! Most of all thank you for loving my sister. It makes me sad when people forget about her. But you never do. Neither will i. Thank you for loving us all. I'm your 11th grandchild but you make me feel like I'm the most specialest one! I know I know. You love us all equally. But for now. I'm the baby! πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ’›

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