Sep 17, 2016

as I sit here in the antepartum unit waiting for a bed to open up in l&d so we can begin the process (l&d and triage have been flooded since yesterday with the full moon), growing a little discouraged with the wait, one of the girls in my October group lost her daughter. The sweet angel will be stillborn. 

Talk about putting things back into perspective. I now do not care if a bed doesn't open up for a week downstairs. I'm here. He's fine. He will get here eventually. Unfortunately--And I know this all too well... Some parents have to wait an eternity to see their long awaited child alive. So I've got all the patience I need for the rest of this journey now. Of course in my heart, and as I've been telling the apologetic staff, "it's okay, so long as we are both alive that's all I care about". But internally I was starting to feel a little bummed.. And now? Now all I have is compassion for this mom.

Life is real man it's not just all rainbows and butterflies. There are agonizing days that we will experience in this life, and I think the best we can do for each other is grow from someone else's pain.

I'm humbly and patiently ready for a room whenever it becomes available. Till then, I'll just be thankful for the life in my womb

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