dr. d

Sep 16, 2016

my beloved Doctor. What an honor this pregnancy has been. Not only are we committed to physically bringing my son into this world as a team but you also selflessly opened up your radio show to give us a forum to talk about our angel Joislen as well and advocate in the loss arena. That is love. I love that we didn't have to brush past the hard parts with you, but instead, you went there with us. as a professional, you take the time to get to know your patient, their baby, and their history. You treat the whole person. You're not just a peri or OB or Gyno....you are a heart healer and leave no rock unturned when it comes to making sure one is healthy; mentally physically emotionally socially and spiritually, you encourage total wellness. Just asking you not to retire till we have two more cuz after being cared for by you there's no one else that could ever fill your shoes (or your place in my heart) we love you seanyd💛 #worththewait

Respect. Unity. Love. My doctor gave me the ring off of his finger. So so so so so much love 😏 he loves our family. And we love him.

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