Aug 11, 2016

Omg. I'm here in the hospital doing my laps for exercise. Enjoying some worship music on Pandora. I JUST wrote a post about Joisey. And mentioned the song "there's a praise on the inside that I can't keep to myself". And how that is what she was and is to me. 2 songs later look what came on random? Wow. U know like u google something n then go on Facebook or amazon n there it is being sold? This isn't one of them times. Pandora don't play that. U can type a song title in a Facebook post and not hear that song on pandora forever lol. This was special. This was a hug. I remember praising was genuinely joislens favorite time. More than my singing. More than daddy time. When we went into the house of the Lord. When we entered the presence of the Lord. She would just leap and celebrate. I would be 8 months pregnant praise dancing like I didn't have a care in the world. At times I was just her vessel of expression; but it was her expression to her Creator. Surely, she was the praise on the inside that I couldn't keep to myself. I had to share her with the world. I had to give her back to her Maker. After all. She was my loan from Him. I'm just happy He still shares with me too! 😏💛 my Isaac.

(How her baby show cake read, months before she died) 

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