unforgettable. that's what you are

Jul 21, 2016

"If Joislen was here, I'd buy her this one. She'd probably eat the pages" aaaaand I'm bawling in the middle of the creation museum. (It was a miniature bible)
Look who was top and center of butterfly exhibit! The girls saw a yellow butterfly by the duck butt and said "hey duck don't fart on my baby cousin!" "Don't fart on my baby sister". Celis told me she was sad she didn't get to meet her and she loves her so much. How she wishes she could see her. Makenzie then let me know that's she's been struggling during our prayer time because it reminders her of Joislen and she just misses her. Life is raw. Life is beautiful. Maternal grief never goes away but I thank God it isn't super strong and unbearable everyday. Grief surely comes in waves. Today the wave washed on in. And we embrace it. We love our daughters and nieces. We love you Joislen

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