they see us.

Jul 20, 2016

Brilliant. I always speak of her, my Joislen. I paint her picture with my words. They see her when they see me. They see us. πŸ‘ΈπŸ½πŸ‘ΌπŸ½

"I wish people could see you when they saw me. As if I wore a badge that let them all know you were mine- out of pride, out of love - but also to let them know that even though you've been gone for some time now, you're still one of the largest parts of me. I wish they could see you. That they could understand why I still answer "two" when I'm asked how many kids I have. Why I smile and laugh, but occasionally I still cry some days for a simple reason: you're not here, you should be, and I miss you. Why I am undaunted by death, unafraid, because you took part of me when you left, and now I live body and soul residing on this ground. But the part of me that held my hope - you took that with you, tucking it into your hands as you left - and now it rests, safely vested in heaven, in eternity. You're why I cry at the pain of others, why I want to drop everything when I see someone else in need, why my heart is split open. 
I wish people could see you when they saw me. I wish they could see why I'm better, kinder, richer, more whole. Because I met you and fell in love, and even though you're physically gone, you're forever one of the very best parts of me."-Lexi Behrndt

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