so much love

Jun 7, 2016

A year ago yesterday we did our maternity photoshoot with Joiseygirl. This pic says it all. Teamwork is how this works. Parenthood. Love. Loss. Family. Hope. Faith. Our for better or for worse was immediately tested to the fullest degree. And thanks be to God, we have only been strengthened. I would not be the woman I am today if I didn't have this mans support every step of the way. I've always been me. But D2 only adds virtue to my life. He challenges me to not be complacent. He challenges me to always keep eternal perspective. And he loves me furiously every step of our way. I love him so much. All of us do. I dreamed of my Joislen last night. Maybe the first one that I remember that wasn't weird. She was home in Fl. In gramma Harts arms. Almost time for our shoot with d3. Life. Full circle. It all comes around.

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