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Jun 7, 2016

Lol. I spent my first and hopefully last dollars on an app game. I'd like to think I'm disciplined. Disciplined in that I don't play app games because they're addicting, not in that I have willpower not to buy when I play. I played my first purely for entertainment app game. Ever. I play some word games a few times a year but that's it. I know my personality so I don't even start. This show was 20 episodes. I got through 18 without buying anything! I called me husband to confess he was laughing so hard because he is no stranger to app purchases! I told him "Joislen (my character in the game) messed up with the guy she liked and she needed a cute outfit! Plus I had to know what happened next" he was CRACKING UP. Lol. 9$ well spent I had to finish that story. But back to discipline! (Until next season comes out 😍)

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