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Jun 1, 2016

on this day, i had a rough day with people's comments towards me"
one woman had a chain that said j 8/14/15. For her son. (it was hiding behind another initial and date charm that i asked her what was behind it, and winded up seeing that) Joislens due date and her initial. I told her about Joislen "Yeah we never forget those kinda things I suffered a few miscarriages myself".....
 On August 14 you birthed your son as my daughter slipped into eternity in my belly. Can we have a moment for that? Can we honor that? You have this screensaver of your bouncing boy and I have ashes on my wrist. Let's just. Let's just NOT talk about your miscarriages right now, in this breath? joislen is also not a "those kinda things"...shes my daughter.

another woman inquired "Did they ever find out what happened last time?" I said no Joislen's death was unexplained. She says "well that's makes it harder because now u never know what you did wrong"
to all those who play dr. Who want to make sense of everything. Get over it. There is not a scientific explanation for everything and when you impose your desire to play House on every innocent passerby. It sucks. It really sucks. Cuz u don't know. The doctors don't know. And your questions seriously feel like rape to my healing.
i was also told that at least i never got to hold joislen in my arms, this woudlve made it harder.
These are the days of a bereaved mother. It happens ALL the time but I try to only share the ones that I think will help others. To NEVER say the same thing

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