Jun 29, 2016

I love everyone. But I especially love my angel mom friends tonight. Omg these women are so faithful compassionate loving selfless on and on and on. Not gunna start tagging people but U know who u are. My heart is full of love. I feel like I have an earthly army to go through life with with some of these girls by my side. I love you. I love your angel. Joislen loves you. And she loves your baby too. So. Much. Love. And gratitude. For my pack. I seriously thank God for each and every one of you. Bonds ordained in heaven by some of the most beautiful angels to pass through earth. No wonder the relationships are so tight. They are held together by unforgettable and untainted purpose babies. Ahhhhhhhh. Thank u for being u. Thank u for being a friend. Thank u for caring. Sharing. Yadi yadi ya. I can think of at LEAST 40 nights in the past 10 months that would've been so unbearably hard if I didn't have the support of you. Thank you. My friends. Thank you. 90% of u I've never even seen on a video chat, yet alone face to face, but the bonds are just as strong as relationships I've had my whole life. For that I'm thankful. 💛 "the strength of the pack is the wolf. And the strength of the wolf is the pack!"

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