wishes for all mom's

May 3, 2016

Happy early Mother's Day to all my mommas. Moms whose kids are in heaven, in your womb, or have already birthed and living on earth. Moms with no biological children. Whatever obstacles make up your maternal path; infertility, loss, adoption, IVF, step mothering, God-mothering, single mothering, pet mothering, mothering a child with special needs, nicu babies, separation, fostering, whatever illness your child may face. Whatever your journey, however you got there, I hope you feel the love of your loves, and get to be pampered a little on Sunday, appreciated everyday. Motherhood is a special thing and so many parts of it are so unique to each of us. but the one thing we all share. Is furious love for extensions of ourselves; responsibility for beings we ought to invest in. It's a Love that knows no boundaries. Love that ignites something inside us that nothing else in the world ever has. Nor ever will. That my friends, is motherhood. we might not understand each other's day in and day out fully. Or the decisions we make for our family. How we cope and express. Or how much certain things mean to us. But this much we can all agree on; to be a mother can be conception, nurture, birth, sacrificial love, service, loss, commitment and heartache---woven with a soul we are entrusted to guide, and ultimately a soul we will learn so much more from than we could've ever taught. There are mothers without children and then women who have children who've never mothered a day in their lives. There's more to this than mere genetics. And there's more to this than feeding a child for a check. I hope as a community we acknowledge all the real mothers on Sunday; not limited to motherhood as we know it, but motherhood in all it embodies 💐

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