A letter to the loss momma, from your angel

May 5, 2016

'Dear mommy.
I love you soooooo much. ::opens arms wider than wide:: I remember ALL our times together. I always ask Him to play your voice for me, it's the best sound ever. Mommy. I love our family. I am always wrapped in love. It sure is warm and cozy whenever I am with you. Mommy. I am in the coolest place ever. I have a lot of fun, and I always love to see glimpses of our family. Mommy. There's a huge container here and it's filled so
high. I asked Him what's inside, and He told me your tears. I'm not sure what those are but since they belong to you He lets me keep em close. I feel so much love coming from that container! He told me that you had the key called belief, and would be here when you got off work. One of the other kids here told me that time is different where you are. I feel like I just saw you a second ago! But they said it feels a little longer for you. I hope not too long mommy because I can't be without you for long! ☺️ mommy what happened? One second I was with you and now I'm in this place! I'm not scared, I'm not sad, but I'm just askin. When I see you again it probably won't matter anyway. I am in the best place, with God. Momma. Can I ask you a favor? You're not going to forget me, are you? When you are filling my container will you remember what I've told you? I'm okay. I'm taken care of. And I can't wait to see you. I don't know if anyone told you, but I've got a bird's eye view. And I am one of the best things you've ever done! You did such a good job with me, you love so much, so so much, and I'm so happy your mine. Mommy I remember before when I was with you, and on my way here. Sometimes I heard different things. The other angels told me it was crying. Yelling. And fighting. I don't hear none of that here mommy. I hear singing and laughter, praises and music. Most of the sounds from there don't come through. But I still hear it when you sing to me, and I sing back too! I want you to remember that mommy. I can't wait for you to come play. Where I am now. Is perfect. I know time is different there but this time, I need you to trust me. I have everything I need. The care of Jesus, the company of all my friends. And the best memories of you and everyone else I love, the best memories ever. Mommy I hope you have a special day today. I told all the people here how awesome you are. Everyone agreed. I have something so special I am making for you! I will put it next to your container. You'll see it when you get home.'

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