sweet Landon

May 27, 2016

I love kids! My friend and I hadn't messaged since November 24, 2015. Today I got a message and automatically knew it was her son Landon. First of all he had to get to my name. 954 is the first 3 digits of my area code of my cell phone number (we don't have each other's numbers). Then an angel emoji and some flowers. aw thanks bud joislens pretty awesome Huh. Seashell. Dwayne proposed on a beach. I drowned when I was a baby. Was in the navy for 4 years, worked on a cruise line...the beach is kinda my thing. 2nd family emoji me Dwayne Dwayne Mackenzie and joislens footprints forever in all of our hearts. (Mom said all these emojis were not in her top before this message, he scrolled) Maybe all u see is the kkk and the gay guys with 2 daughters. But I see everything else. Lol. I said tell that boy I said thank u. He said "welcome!" 😂 I'm telling u if u just dare to believe some pretty amazing stuff can happen ☺️

(momma says this boy is special and often talks about things, way outside of this world. how sweet. i think he's 3-4)

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