sibling love

May 28, 2016

Everyone's doin this cute questionnaire for their children. I gotta use a little creativity but here's what I reckon they'd say. Lol love my babies.
(i asked dwayne the same questions for our kids. he said. Joislen grace taylor too. and d3 for Flash lol, i guess those really ARE their answers)

What's your name? Joislen Grace Taylor (yes she'd say the whole thing)
How old are you? Timeless
When is your birthday? ::asks God:: when did u first think of me? 
How old is mama? Perfect
How old is daddy? He's an old man
What's your favorite color? Yellow and white
What's your favorite food? Fruits
Who's your best friend? Jesus my mommy leniya and amila
What's your favorite show? Playing soccer
What's your favorite movie? Mommy and daddy, my whole family, love watching them
What's your favorite song? The one me and mommy wrote I LOVE that song
What's your favorite animal? Elephants. Mommy calls me her yellow butterfly
What are you scared of? What's scared mean?
What makes you happy? Smiling.
What's your name? D3 to u
How old are you? Almost 0
When is your birthday? Daddy's if all goes according to my plan
How old is mama? I dunno
How old is daddy? Older than momma
What's your favorite color? Grey
What's your favorite food? Wendy's home style chicken sandwiches
Who's your best friend? Joislen Adrian and josiah
What's your favorite show? Sleep
What's your favorite movie? When daddy comes home from work. He's so funny
What's your favorite song? My moms voice
What's your favorite animal? I don't think we like animals
What are you scared of? Nothing. I just don't wanna let my momma down.
What makes you happy? My dreams of meeting my family

this is a video. of one of the closest ways my children can be together on earth. listening to heartbeats at the same time, of when she was alive too.

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