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May 19, 2016

This is a special story about siblings who are in different dimensions. Joislen has been extra lovey. It started yesterday when I was talking to my best friend in loss (we don't talk on the phone often) As soon as she picked up the phone a yellow butterfly started dancing nearby. (I think solidifying that Joislen and Eleanor brought us together). I saw one on Sunday for a few moments camouflaged in yellow roses outside but it's been a few weeks before that occurrence. I then parked somewhere where I had reception so we could talk and I must have seen 4 different yellow butterflies during that conversation. today. I wore my kamama shirt because Ashley hadn't seen it. When I was driving to drop her and the twins home after our sleep over I said. Did u see my kamama shirt? Within seconds of me asking her this. Joislens song (I can only imagine Tamela Mann) came on pandora. This is the 4th time it's came on since she passed away. I began to cry at the end when it said "to hear Him say, 'well done, well done'" as I imagined my daughter making it to our Heavenly Father and Him welcoming her with pride and adoration. I asked Ashley if she wanted a smoothie and she agreed. I checked in with my smoothie app to get my 3 digit discount code. It's random numbers. 404 comes up. Joislens birth time. I quickly realize Joislen is being so palpable today because it's her sisters 7th birthday! Makenzie is like me, not afraid to dream a little, and I just know they have an amazing relationship through the dimension. Makenzie is also a worshiper like us and I could just envision her praising to Joislens song. I could not love my daughters any more. Nothing can break their bond. After I got out my appointment I had a picture of Makenzie in my texts from her auntie in Jville who went to surprise her at school. I told her what happened today and she said, she talks about Joislen all the time. Lol. Our girls. Happy 7th birthday sweetness. Can't wait to see you in the summer.

(i got to facetime makenzie later that day and told her about her sister wishing her happy birthday and she said "she knows my birthday!") <3 love them.

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