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May 31, 2016

Something told me to start my kick counts today. I'm almost 22 weeks. They say start for sure at 28. But I want to have a baseline well established by that time, in case there are any deviations, I can simply check my app. My son will be medically viable in 2 weeks. Today my son completed his first day of kick counts! 10 kicks in an hour and 10 minutes! Maybe more but I slept for about 20 minutes of the session lol. I am so proud of my boy. I also ordered some ugly bracelets from One for me and one for my husband. So we can remember every day to take the time it takes to ensure the activity level of our son. There are no redo's in loss. But for some of us. There is do better when we know better. For us. There is, talk about our experience with Joislen, so hopefully other families will be empowered to monitor their child's activity levels. I did know about kick counts. I didn't know they could be a matter of life and death. I kick counted daily last pregnancy. After my last appointment the day before she died, they were so focused on everything else, her position, what to expect for labor...I shifted my focus to those things. When contractions came in, I didn't realize she hadn't moved that day. August 14-15, 2015, I lost my baby girl as I slept. I did not count her kicks that Friday. I don't believe joislen's destiny would've been altered if I would've intervened earlier. That is the peace I've made with my God, about my daughter's purpose. This is part of her purpose. Spreading awareness. Kick counts can't change everything. But there are many accounts of them saving a life. And now u know better too, so I hope you spread the word to pregnant mothers, to do better. This message isn't to beat those of us up who lost and didn't count. It's to encourage those who are carrying life now. To invest the time, to be proactive, and to advocate for your baby. So many women would give it all for the opportunity to do it over. Don't take the opportunity to kick count for granted. And as I always say. Count kicks till you see your babies feet! Distress is common at the finish line. Be even more vigilant then. In memory of my purpose baby Joislen Grace who died on her due date. A protective big sister who wants nothing more than for her baby brother to have the life on earth that she was never afforded, yet, never needed

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