a mother's day reminder

May 8, 2016

Is life what you make it? Or are you what life has made you? Stand up to your circumstances and remind them they do not define you--they're strictly for refinement. My maternal furnace has stripped me of all self-sufficiency I once operated in. I am forever cripplingly aware that I can do nothing without God. I remember almost choking on the first breath I tried to take on my own after my daughter died; I nearly suffocated on it.
I know so many amazing and inspirational mothers. We might not vote or believe just the same, but in furious love for our children do we unite, and that stands for something great. May your Mother's Day be filled with joy and peace.
This isn't my first Mother's Day without Joislen. It's my second with her; first with baby D and we are excited for our day. Either your situation will dictate reality to you. Or you will tell your situation what's really what. My situation told me some pretty unbearable things and gave me horrible options as my only choices. So I stopped listening, and starting beautifying it. It's not so much positivity; but more so a tactical move--truly just desirous to not die in this battle. Having experienced the mental turmoil that can take place on a warship, I know first hand that if we don't properly fight the internal one, the war without will surely triumph. Blessings

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