The Morning of Mourning

Feb 24, 2016

I was driving today. And the Holy Spirit dropped something amazing in my spirit. It's actually the subtitle to the book, or the first page. I haven't decided. But I decide I would begin compiling next semester since what I have left in school isn't a lot. It seems Joislen Grace will be in print sooner than later. So for all u persistent people who won't let me get away without pressing print. Thank you. Anyway. Joislen Grace is the book title. And the subtitle is. 'The Morning of Mourning' this has 3 meanings.

The day of sorrow (when she passed, when I birthed her, and when I agonized over her body, all happened in the wee hours of the morning)

The beginning of grief (all of this has taken place in the first 6 months of her passing. it's the first part of a lifelong journey)

and lastly, the hope of despair. the beauty of ashes. My girl is the morning of my mourning, the joy. He is the morning of our mourning, our hope, comfort and strength. there are some perks to angel momming, and some perspectives that are healing, and ultimately comforting. and that kind of revelation isn't easy to come by, and isn't easy to accept, when our temptation is to ask why forever, shake our fist, forever, and refuse to accept what has transpired.

the Morning of Mourning.

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