From daddy's hands to our Eternal Fathers arms

Feb 24, 2016

From my womb, your earth home, to daddy's hands, to our Eternal Father's arms. I love you Joislen Grace Taylor. There isn't a mountain high enough or a river wide enough. There's no death strong enough nor mere distance great enough. To keep me from loving you baby. I didn't just carry your body. In me, God created your eternal, purposeful, soul. I am so thankful for that. That I was the house God produced forever for you in. That all you know of earth is mine and daddy's love. All your family's love. All you know is Joy. We are one. we share a heartbeat. I hold down your earth side, and you hold down my heaven side. You are the greatest thing I've ever done. So thankful to be your mommy. Not traditional motherhood. But our reality nonetheless. That I must accept. If it means I get to still experience glimpses of your sweetness even now. Till we meet again. My sweet and gorgeous fruit. I love you to life. Through death. I just love you Joislen and you will never have to wonder, because the echoes of my voice will sound all throughout the streets in heaven. You will always know my love, my presence, and my care. You are my girl Joislen. You are her baby

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