My social butterfly

Feb 9, 2016

So. All this time, and I'm yet to see 2 yellow butterflies playing. I always see them 1 at a time. Never 2. Today I saw two, so it stood out to me. At first it made me happy. Then I thought, oh no, will I lose another child one day? I tucked the memory away because I knew it had significance but wasn't sure what at the time. Fast forward to tonight. I'm in my loss group sharing about my desire for a yellow butterfly garden on our property. One momma tells me to keep her posted because that's her daughter's symbol. I said yellow? She said yes, thousands danced around on her way to her daughter's gravesite. She's also the first mom I've met to have a yellow butterfly as her symbol (many have butterflies of other colors or just in general). Then I realized. I saw the 2 playing today. For the first time. Because Joislen and Karolina are heaven friends. The same day, me and momma Kristina A. Karrick meet. Just. Wow. I have literally interacted with hundreds of loss moms, and none have had this symbol. These things might seem small to others, but to a loss momma, it means so much. So much beauty, hope, and assurance, so much love from our Creator and our children, it's overtaking

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