strides in the community

Nov 18, 2015

Sometimes doors need to be knocked on. Sometimes they need to be banged on. Sometimes locks need to be picked. Sometimes they need to be kicked down. And sometimes. Sometimes you cry at the door believing it can never open. And as you lean on it. It just opens, and opens wide. However God sees fit to open this door. These doors. Is fine by me. My maiden name is Campbell. Like the soup. A slow simmer. My firecracker instant gratification days are long gone. And I realize the way to affect change is to build relationships. Let your actions and value do the talking. And give it to the Lord in prayer. These doors are opening alright. I am committed to a lifetime of service. I want people who could've experienced a loss, to not have to, through proactive families and healthcare providers. And I want those whose children cannot be saved; to have beauty for their ashes. This is my calling. This is my passion. This is my career. This is my dedication. This is my life work. This. Giving back. Is how I raise my daughter. By raising awareness. Telling our story. And persistently knocking, kicking, waiting, picking, and praying. I am but a willing vessel. My labor. Physically and spiritually. My labor is not in vain. I love you Joislen. The energy I would've spent raising your natural self. I will spend nurturing your legacy. It's for u. It's for us. It's for them. And it's for Him. I love you. Through the grave. I love you, my innocent, powerful daughter. I love you.

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