Dear Joislen

Nov 25, 2015

you were on my heart tonight, and on this thanksgiving eve, i wanted you to know how thankful mommy is for you. do you know how beautiful you are to me? no you don't little miss. but the love i have for you cannot be articulated with lofty words. my heart explodes with joy and pride when i think of your life, when i think of you alive. i cant imagine how many friends you have, and how much fun you are having. i cant imagine what it's like to be endlessly in the presence of Christ. the reality of your destiny ignites me til eternity. i can do this life. you dont know what could've been and im starting to accept that that's okay. the things on earth cannot compare to what you are experiencing. i wish we were closer. i wish i could hold your physical body. your presence is so near to my heart though baby girl. always. our connection is spiritual. that means it's a God thing. many mommies get to have a physical connection with their children too, that means they can actually touch one another's flesh. what's left of your flesh is over our fireplace. and i got some jewelry made so i can always wear your earth body with me. some children's have their spirits in their earth bodies. but your spirit left your earth body. so you are a special baby. dont let mommy burden you with the boring details though. what you need to know is that, you're okay. and i'm okay, because you're okay. i love you to the moon and back (joislen-"that's it?") lol. you have a view mommy doesn't have yet sweetheart. but i will be to you soon. soon soon. love you like grandmas oxtail ("and boy was it delicious"). muah! KISS YOU MISS YOU LOVE YOU HUG YOU. im so proud of you. have fun Joislen. <3

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