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Oct 11, 2015

My nursing endeavors have taken the back burner in my priorities for sure. I didn't quit and I'm not going to I just mentally am not there. I got some mail today from one of my dear classmates, Laura Championwho mailed me this. An angel holding Joislen's birthstone, with some encouraging words to go along with it. Now where else will this pin go but on my lanyard at the hospital on that labor and delivery unit I will be working at. Thanks for the encouragement to keep pushing. Love you sweetie

My heart is so filled with joy. I got a box of goodness from one of my closest angel moms today NatalieAs I'm going through it. Overwhelmed and teary eyed by the hugs from heaven with the elephant connection and everything. A yellow butterfly flies right by my opened car door. About two feet from my face. If you didn't know. That's the other thing that reminds me of my daughter. Yellow butterflies. And elephants. Natalie. You know Joislen and I love you and Eleanor very much (as they play fight in heaven over the princess chair and finally decide to share it). while we despise what has brought us together, and the magnitude of this unbearable cross. It's something bigger than us at work. For sure. Thank you.


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