day 11: glow in the woods

Oct 11, 2015

Today's post is about helpful resources. Cuddle cot campaigning helped a lot. I was desperate to help others while honoring Joislen. And that did both. Also. SOBBS private FB group allowed me to vent and connect with dozens of women instantly. And I needed that understanding acceptance and love. I have become a member of a few boards at the hospital my daughter was delivered at. Helping better healthcare is important for me. And specifically implementing positive change where Joislen was born. Ultimately. No external resource could singlehandedly see me through this. They helped tremendously but surviving losing a child takes some internal fight that no one can see. In this instance, i didn't need a resource. I needed a Source. One quote in a card my mom sent me for my birthday last week said "if you can't have what you want, want what you have".

Thanksgiving and contentment, and doing what I could-- really helped to turn the most devastating of situations into something painfully beautiful. Having a foundation of faith helps to combat destructive ways of thinking, that would've otherwise slowed my healing process to a screeching halt. Thank you, Jesus. For being my Source. My hope amidst the consuming darkness. My light in my Garden of Gethsemane. We use resources. Sources though, use and flow through us. For today's picture. I think it depicts contentment pretty accurately. Surrounded by sand on all sides. I only got a handful. And that was enough. All around me are living healthy babies, that bust through the next milestones effortlessly. Yet. my daughter died before she could even see us. How do you work with that? Finding things to be thankful for was a good place to start for me

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