Oct 3, 2015

NOT TO SCARE. But educate. Bring awareness. And some advice for pregnant women. One in every four times a zygote is conceived, that life will end (fetal or infant) before the age of 1, most often, intrauterine, first trimester, but it can happen in any trimester as you know if you know me, and even after birth, in the instance of SIDS. (sudden infant death syndrome) there's never a "safe" time. Just less likely to happen statistically after a certain point. But I am that 1/16 for stillbirth. And even more rare for full term--- probably 1/1000.

Pregos: Count your kicks. 10 kicks in 1 hour after 28 weeks. They say once a day but I'll be doing it 3x a day next pregnancy. If ur worried go to the Drs and don't leave till they check everything. Say no to toxins. They don't have a cause or solution for these statistics. Sometimes it's a freak accident. Sometimes the cause is unknown. Sometimes it's chromosomal. But I venture to say. We can do our parts, nevertheless. With the hopes that our children may thrive. Please remember the families affected by this this month. And for those who have suffered in silence. I encourage you to tell your story to someone you trust. It will be healing to acknowledge the life you carried. It's okay to talk about it. It's not something you have to block out and pretend never happened. All of our children matter.

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