Day 28 – REACH OUT

Oct 28, 2015

Today's entry required us to do something nice for someone else. That's a lifestyle for me. It makes me feel happy for people when I am able to be a blessing to them. Selflessness is the key. It's one thing to help someone who can help you. Monkeys are capable of that turn-taking, bug-picking ritual. But it's the things we do for those who cannot reciprocate. Or the things we do with no expectation of a return. Those are the things that count. Today's picture is from my favorite baby shower gift that a brother from APU made for Joislen. Yes. When he randomly asked her favorite animal. Even then, I told him elephants. These are teething toys that are BPA free. What a thoughtful idea. My baby girl didn't have much that was handcrafted just for her--but she had her own iPhone! Every time I'd see her in the womb she was'uh yap yappin! Probably why momma can't shut up about her now. With a gift like this, he reached out. Simple things go a long way. It can be an occasion. Or not. But it's always nice to make someone else's day, and go the extra mile. ‪#‎talkers‬ ‪#‎mommaandbaby‬ ‪#‎joislengrace‬ ‪#‎captureyourgrief‬ ‪#‎joislen‬

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