this sweetest sound i've ever known

Mar 15, 2015

Wow. Wow. The most miraculous thing I've ever heard. The sweetest sound I've known outside of the voice of God. I've sailed many oceans. I've heard a ship rip through roaring waters in the cool nights breeze, heard singers hit notes with an anointing that left me on my knees, I've heard the voice of my dear mama, everything she says is so pleasant to me. Even my late grandma visits me in my dreams. My husbands I love you's are right up there with you. I can't say though, that anything my ears have ever heard, has been as magnificent as this. In my bed. In my new apartment. Got my fetal doppler. Listening to my daughters heart beat. Pure bliss. With the force of 1,000 galloping horses and the grace of God, such a powerful little sound leaving me humbled and calm. God knows what we need. God knows what we need. God knows what we need. And in His wonderful knowledge, we've been blessed, already, by you. Mommy loves you ‪#‎Joislen‬ Grace Taylor.

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