no ones exempt. mind your focus

Mar 18, 2015

so many of us are believing God for things, great health, wealth, miracles, jobs, shoes, boo's, A's, raises, spouses, friends, homes and cars, opened career doors (eh em deliverance anyone, salvation, singleness of heart, purity?::side note::)...... but .what if someone dies? what if we suffer? what if our treasures are in heaven, and we're broke on earth? what if just He is our portion and His grace has to be sufficient? how many of us can truly say though He slay me, yet will I trust Him? I'm happy we have faith. we just have to make sure were not trying to muscle or manipulate God. He aint a genie. horrible things happen to great people's natural bodies all the time. Look at our Savior! look at the plight of His disciples. but this world is passing and everything in it. so lets find comfort in Him. not just in what He can do, but who He is. Talking to myself first! ‪#‎mirrorchecktime‬

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