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Dec 19, 2016

I had to look up what time d3 was born. I remember prolly a 72 hour play by play with the days surrounding Joislen's translation. I don't have to mentally record these specifics with him, cuz he gives me new specifics everyday. But with her. My earth portion with her was limited. And I've tucked every second away in my heart and mind. I can recall on those times for the sake of nostalgia, relating, and for comfort. Every time he smiles at me, my heart is overflowed with peace. When our out of womb bond began doesn't seem as important as continuing to enjoy it as it unfolds. I cherish all that has transpired but especially the now with him. I will always cherish what was with my daughter. But I especially cherish the now with her.
I got a tattoo when I was young that read "The only thing sweeter than memories is making them". I resented it after I lost my daughter. 'Nothing will ever be sweeter than her. No memory can replace her', I thought. I never considered I would have new memories to replace the traumatizing ones; with my daughter who lives in another dimension. Alas. Making memories with her has been sweeter than the original memories we made.

Everyday's a sweeter day with you

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