Oct 2, 2016

i love going in my timeline and seeing all my loss sisters doing their capture your grief project. Can I tell you I'm proud of you and so is your baby? I love reading about your angel. I'm so thankful for our babies. I'm so thankful for a circle where both joy and sorrow is acceptable. Where we can celebrate our living children, and or the hope for one, and also commemorate our children living in Gods presence. Where our children both in this dimension and the next, are treasured.

Last year I was pumping my breastmilk to make keepsake jewlery for Joislen. This year I'm pumping my breastmilk to feed my suckling. Pumping and mourning last year. Pumping and supplying earth life this one. Just wow. My tears were stored in Gods memory, and now my son's flow for sustenance.

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