thank you

Sep 5, 2016

I need to take a second to say this. I am so thankful for my village. Not only do u guys non-judgmentally support my love for my womb babies but u also share in that love. You guys ask questions if u don't know and learn how to care for the bereaved compassionately. You guys help me feel human in a very foreign life experience. You guys have completely helped normalize my grief experience by sharing things that remind you of my daughter, by doing kind gestures for our family, by never leaving Joislen out and by being consistent in your support, love, and encouragement. My heart aches for the families that lose a child and then have horrible support. And unfortunately it's not uncommon. But honestly the community that I've gained in my daughter's physical absence provides consolation for my heart. I just wanted to send out these endless thank you's to the most supportive loved ones I could ever ask for. Life is beautiful and I can't say it'd be this bearable if you weren't a part of it. Love you. Gratitude from the Taylor gang.

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