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Sep 14, 2016

Why are so many people one uppers? "Oh my grandbaby did this"
"Yeah? My grandbaby did that better!"
God forbid we acknowledge what someone else just said and celebrate their joy with them, or mourn their pain with them. Nope. We are thinking "how does this relate to me". Come on guys lets listen to one another better. And offer compassion before we share the experiences theirs reminds us of. I get this often. After someone hears about Joislen they'll said "yeah I had two miscarriages I totally understand". ....your response when someone tells you their baby died is your loss experience? Or I get "oh yeah my second cousins baby twice over baby drowned in the womb"...wow. My condolences to your second cousin twice over....
People lets listen with our hearts and not our vanity. It makes relationships so much richer. I try so hard to acknowledge what people share. I may not always do it perfectly but I try to hear u. And respond in love. Let's ditch one upping 💛

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