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Sep 12, 2016

Oh that nurse triggered me like nothing else! Wow! 
"Ma'am can you turn the screen so I can see how the baby is doing"
"You need to let us do our job and you just need to relax. They aren't going to let you do this when u get up to labor and delivery"
I kindly let her know I don't have the luxury of trusting people to do their job with my history and that it's nothing personal but I like to be an active part of my healthcare. Oh man.
As soon as she walked out I burst into tears.
Called the charge nurse n told her not to let that lady step back foot in my room

Okay so she came and apologized. She tried to rush through it and I said no I need you to hear me out please have a seat. I told her I'm in nursing school and I desire to go into labor and delivery nursing. Watching the strips is educational for me. I told her with my hx of a fullterm stillbirth, knowing the wellbeing of my son is reassuring for me and brings calmness to my anxiety. I told her every nurse has been okay with it, my doctor has been okay with explaining everything to me, so why is she the exception? She apologized genuinely. She said labor and delivery will be happy to accommodate my needs and she hopes I'm not afraid to go there now and she was just busy and being a jerk. Apology accepted 

Healthcare professionals. It's not about YOU. And your pride. It's about the patient. And what you can do to serve them. She messed with the wrong momma bear on the wrong day. Hommie don't play that. Not sure what world we're just supposed to blindly let someone care for our unborn child and not be a part of it. But that is not how I roll. Totally disappointing.

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